Wellis Palmero Hot Tub.

The two beds each provide a complete massage of the calves and feet. A pool of 3-point adjustable hydro-massage using high intensity. Thus, the strength of hydro-massage in the seat and low areas can be changed individually.

Palmero Features:
Material: Polyurethane foam reinforced acrylic 
5  Person Hot Tub
Water volume: 1315 Litre
Net Weight: 320 kg
Power supply:  
Single Phase 32 Amp Supply 
Total Number of jets: 38

Standard Pack:-

2 X 2 hp Massage Pumps

1 x 0.5 hp Circ Pump

1 x Balboa Ozone Generator

1 x  underwater chromotherapy lighting with 55 LED lamp.

Heater 1X  (3KW/230V/50Hz)

1.5 "floor drain

3 x Air Boost  Control 

3 x Headrests 

Balboa, U.S. digital control panel with color LCD display, weather-resistant plastic cover:

Thermal Cover