Wellis Bahama Hot Tub.

Stretch in your comfortable bed in the Wellis Bahama Hot tub and massage your entire body, while the other five seats from friends or family may receive soft massage experience. Three hydro-massage motors and 66 massage jets and 99 points will ensure that each of the six people get the perfect massage. 

Material: Polyurethane foam reinforced acrylic
6 Person Hot Tub
Water volume: 1400 Litre
Net Weight: 350 kg
Power supply:  
Single Phase 32 Amp Supply 
Total Number of jets: 66

Standard Pack:-

3 X 2 hp Massage Pumps

1 x 0.5 hp Circ Pump

1 x 0.4 hp Blower

1 x Balboa Ozone Generator

1 x  underwater chromotherapy lighting with 55 LED lamp Exclusive chromotherapy light

13 x  discrete Waterline LED

 WELLIS audio system WIPOD

Heater 1X  (3KW/230V/50Hz)

1.5 "floor drain

4 x Air Boost  Control  

Balboa, U.S. digital control panel with color LCD display, weather-resistant plastic cover:

3x Headrests

Thermal Cover