Hot Tub Tower® Dealers required worldwide Europe and UK.

We are looking for Jacuzzi, hot tub and spa suppliers and dealers to promote and deliver this new concept of canopy or gazebo. These Hot Tub Towers® are unique and are made to an architectural high standard using only the best products and materials.  Ever increasingly hot tub sales now in the UK is of quality rather than quantity and if there are less sales then we need to be able to offer a unique and different product to get the order, something over and above the next hot tub dealer round the corner. If we can install to the end user that of quality and longevity they will come back and order there second or third hot tub from you rather than another dealer  because you have saved them money in the long term as they are not replacing there gazebo every time there hot tub needs replacing. So in real terms the value of the customers second or third hot tub will be of an higher value because you have just saved them £3-6,000 as they do not require a new gazebo. On the other hand say your customer is no longer needing there hot tub in theory the Hot Tub Tower® system should be worth what they are to buy new because there is probably 100 years plus left in the life of it, therefore residual value should be good unlike there hot tub which has been devaluing over the time they have owned it and there old wooden gazebo is now worthless.

 We will not just take anyone to promote the Hot Tub Tower® System. What we are looking for is real drive and commitment for innovation of this new product. Also we have other products lined up for the hot tub industry and will only be available to those within the dealer net work only. Yes we have some mad ideas for the near future and will hopefully put us and you as a dealer at the top of the hot tub sales tree in the future.

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